Product Overview

The Invoicing Module and Job Tracker Utility for the Glass Cutting Industry

Integrates With:

  • Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress
  • Microsoft Office

This Software package was specifically created for the Glass Cutting Industry where rates are calculated according to the thickness of the glass or mirror, and the square meterage.

Quotations can be created which are to be linked to an expiry date. Items are selected; the ‘Finish’ method captured; quantity set, and sqm and weight inserted per Item.

When the Quote is accepted by the Customer, it can effortlessly be converted to a Sales Order. From this moment onwards, the Sales Order is managed by means of the ‘Job Tracker Utility’ until it is completed.

By selecting an active Sales Order in the Job Tracker Utility, specific ‘jobs’ can be added to it. As the linked jobs are completed, it must be documented to track the progress of the specific Sales Order until total completion.

Once a Sales Order has been completed in the Job Tracker Utility, it can be invoiced from the Invoice Module.

The Demo Video

The Manual