System Requirements

Novtel Software Minimum Requirements

Important: Using the Novtel Server as a file server or for any other intensive task could severely impact the performance of Novtel Software and should be avoided where possible.

Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access to a Novtel System from anywhere in the world is easily achieved with Microsoft Terminal Server that ships with Windows server editions. An internet connection is the only requirement to set up this powerful remote access feature.


If computer equipment is switched off without proper shutdown procedures due to power surges, power dips and power failures, this can result in damaged computer equipment and corrupted databases.

We strongly advise that the necessary steps therefore be taken to protect valuable computer hardware and databases by providing constant and regulated power supply, as follows:

  • On each computer and network switch, a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) must be installed
  • For remote areas, where power supply is often interrupted, we recommend that a 5.5kw generator with voltage regulation be installed to supply power to all the UPS points in the network system, when power failures occur