Hospitality Management

Integrates With:

  • Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress
  • Sage Evolution
  • Nightsbridge
  • Microsoft Office

Product Overview

This all-in-one, fully integrated to central reservations product, is designed for and used by hotels, guest houses, B&B’s, self-catering units, lodges, holiday resorts, game farms, caravan parks and essentially any business with short stay rental needs.

The powerful Novtel Hospitality Management Software is equipped with three Point of Sale systems, namely:

  • The restaurant and Bar POS;
  • The Dedicated Retail Shop POS, 
  • And a POS System accessed from the Grid.

The system also has the capability of managing group bookings, as well as season-based rates and child rates.

This software product is extremely easy to use and produces bookings in seconds. Daily reports can be drawn to reflect the number of departures, arrivals and overall guest activity. 

Create quotations for accommodation; conferencing; catering and events in minutes. If the quotation is accepted, convert it into reservations and produce a function sheet.

Use the Event System to make reservations for spa appointments or any other activity offered by your company.

Sell tickets for concerts; entrance to an exhibition; zip-line activity, etc.

Reservations for Accommodation Demo Video

  • Reservation Statuses
  • System Users
  • Guest Tariffs, Seasons, Child Rates and Accommodation Packages
  • Rooms
  • Charges
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Tour Operators
  • Deposit Management
  • Reminders
  • Documents and the Novtel Forms Designer Utility
  • Reports
  • The Grid’s POS System
  • User Shifts

The Restaurant and Bar POS System Demo Video

  • Integration
  • Departments, Users and Menu Categories
  • Orders and Preparation
  • The Bulk Quantity Feature
  • Managing Split Bills
  • Setting Up and Managing Specials
  •  POS Packages
  • No Charge Items
  • Discount
  • Novtel Internal Vouchers
  • The Dedicated Cashier Functionality
  • Gratuity (Tips)
  • Table Sittings; Take Aways; Deliveries and Bar Sales
  • Closing a Table and Receiving Payment
  • Shift Cash-up

The Retail / Shop POS System Demo Video

  • System Users
  • POS Slip Documents
  • Charges
  • POS Packages
  • Novtel Internal Vouchers
  • Discount Settings
  •  Removing an Item from the Transaction List
  • Payment Methods
  • Managing Take-Aways
  • Issuing Quotations 
  • User Shifts and the Cashup Procedure

The Basics of Reservations – Manual

The Basics of the Restaurant POS System – Manual

The Basics of the Retail POS System – Manual

The Basics of the Ticketing and Event Reservations System – Manual

The Basics of the Quoting  System and Activity Tracker Feature – Manual

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