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Vehicle Hire Software Release 2015/01/07

Vehicle Hire Software Release 2014/10/17


Vehicle Hire Software – Issue Resolved and new features:


Novtel Vehicle Hire Changes
• Updated to the latest version of NovPasSDK and other related DLLs

Novtel Vehicle Hire Lite Changes
• Updated the lite databases to the latest database version
• Performed the year end procedure on the live and demo companies so that new lite users
do not receive the ‘Date out of Pastel Period’ message
• Fixed a bug where changing the Pastel Interface settings on the demo database resulted in an error
• Fixed a bug where the live data would still post to the demo Pastel company when interfaced to Pastel

Vehicle Hire Software Release 2014/09/23


Vehicle Hire Software – Issue Resolved and new features:

Vehicle Hire

Novtel Vehicle Hire Changes
• Fixed a bug where the reservation Date In and Date Out values were swapped on the invoice imported to Pastel
• Fixed a bug where the reservation Time In and Time Out values were swapped on the invoice imported to Pastel
• Fixed a bug where the reservation Date In and Date Out values were swapped on the Novtel Invoice
• Added the option to update the customer’s Document and Statement email addresses when the main email address is changed.
This option can be enabled/disabled under Setup -> Company -> Preferences
• Added an option to control whether the delivery addresses displayed on the Edit -> Tenant form is shown
as the Physical or Delivery Adress. This option can be enabled/disabled under Setup -> Company -> Preferences
• Updated to the latest version NovPasSDK

Car Rental News

Car Rental News

Europcar is extending the range of services available from its ground-breaking Mobility Centre at ExCeL London. Focused on giving visitors to the exhibition and conference venue a transport solution that is tailored specifically for their needs – a first for the events sector – the new Europcar Chauffeur Service enables customers to take advantage of a luxury driving option. ? Read More

Car Rental News

The spotlight is on Scotland for the Commonwealth Games as well the Edinburgh Festival and Ryder Cup as Homecoming 2014 makes the country the hot destination this summer. ? Read More

Car Rental News

Concur, leading provider of spend management solutions and services in the world, and premium minicab firm Addison Lee announced a strategic partnership that enables travellers to book Addison Lee taxis through the Concur Travel platform and automatically link an e-receipt to their expense report. ? Read More

Vehicle Hire Software Release 2014/07/17


Vehicle Hire Software – Issue Resolved and new features:

Vehicle Hire

Customer Report with Postal and Delivery Addresses
An option to print a list of Customers with their postal and delivery address have been added to Reports=> Customer => List All. In the dropdown list the “Show All With Postal And Delivery Addresses”.

Non-Revenue status Print Check list
The option to “Print Check List” have been added to a booking with a Non-Revenue status.

Non-Revenue status Record Damages
The option to record damages on a vehicle have been added to a booking with a Non-Revenue status.

Cape Town traffic officers to target hospitality

Cape Town traffic officers to target hospitality
Cape Town restaurants, pubs and clubs will be targeted by traffic officers if they routinely allow drunk patrons to leave their establishments and get behind the wheel, the Western Cape Transport Department has warned. As the latest “Name and Shame” list was published, Western Cape Transport MEC Robin Carlisle announced that he was to ramp up the pressure against drivers who abuse alcohol. Now restaurant, shebeen, club and bar owners are in his sights. Carlisle has called on owners of these venues “to take responsibility for those who drink at their establishments”. “Every club, pub, shebeen or restaurant has a responsibility to help me to eliminate drunken driving,” said Carlisle. “I am giving notice that I will, in the future, use roadblocks and other methods to target certain localities where people consume large quantities of alcohol.”

The MEC said he would give establishments “time to get their house in order before the onset of these roadblocks”. But he warned that the roadblocks would start soon. Until now, it has not been common practice for traffic authorities to target specific establishments, but Carlisle said this would now change. “I do not accept a situation where people are plied with massive amounts of alcohol and the proprietor looks the other way when they stumble out the door to climb into their cars. “As proprietors you are morally responsible to ensure that the person that gets drunk on your premises does not drink and drive, endangering their life and the lives of others.” Carlisle said the roadblocks would be followed up by meetings with the owners of pubs and similar establishments at which he would explain what he believed to be their responsibilities.

Tourism MEC Alan Winde said of the plans: “I’m in support of this. It makes good sense for an establishment owner to intervene.” He said owners not only had a moral obligation but “it makes good business sense for an establishment owner to prevent patrons from going out on to the road and driving drunk or, worse, hurting and damaging other people. “I convened a meeting late last year between Fedhasa (Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa), big liquor producers and the taxi industry to discuss this. “I envisage a restaurant going into a partnership with a transport company – it would be easy to work out a business model – and for a restaurant owner to be able to direct patrons to a taxi service, if necessary,” he said. Winde added, however, that the primary responsibility would always remain with the drivers.

Fedhasa Western Cape’s Dirk Elzinga sounded a warning in response to the news: “The minister should not exaggerate. Responsible restaurants are already doing this – that’s what good restaurant and good bar owners do. “Yes, there may be some ‘not-so-responsible’ owners who are not doing this, and we would have no problem with them being targeted. But the minister should not be draconian against those who are being responsible.” Winde cited the impact of “last drinks” campaigns in New Zealand and Australia, where law enforcement officers would find out where drunk drivers had been prior to their arrests and then investigate whether action could be taken against proprietors – Cape Argus

CMH says e-toll system ‘unworkable’

PAY UP: An e-toll gantry on the N1 through Pretoria. Picture: SUNDAY WORLD

PAY UP: An e-toll gantry on the N1 through Pretoria. Picture: SUNDAY WORLD

COMBINED Motor Holdings (CMH), one of South Africa’s biggest vehicle retailers, has taken a swipe at the e-tolls billing system in Gauteng.

In commentary with results for the year to end-February released on Wednesday, CMH CEO Jebb McIntosh said the ill-conceived billing system designed for Gauteng toll roads was proving unworkable in a dealership environment.

He said e-toll accounts were being received for vehicles long sold and also for (toll road) use before CMH dealerships had traded in used vehicles.

“This occurs, in part, because the toll system is linked to an already flawed eNaTis system containing inaccurate vehicle ownership information.”

He said attempts to have invoices redirected to owners were met with no response from an “obviously overloaded” South African National Roads Agency Limited billings department. “I hope that the inefficiencies highlighted since the opening of these toll roads will prompt a rethink by the appropriate authorities.”

Though Mr McIntosh declined to quantify the cost of dealing with erroneous e-toll accounts, he said 20 extra staff were required at dealership level in Gauteng to deal with hitches. Toll road problems aside, CMH emerged from a tricky trading period with its profit engines ticking over smoothly.

Revenue was up 10% to R10.8bn, with the core retail motor segment and the car hire and financial services hubs showing real growth at top line.

The retail motor segment, accounting for 95% of revenue, reported an 11% drop in profit before tax to R171m. But this was offset by a 175% increase in pre-tax contribution from the financial services arm to R33m, and an 8% increase in profit from the car hire division to R28m.

Reflecting on the financial services division performance, Mr McIntosh said insurance premium income increased almost 200% during the year.

Earnings came in 1.3% lower at R169m. Mr McIntosh said although this was disappointing, the operational performance still represented a creditable 27% return on shareholders’ funds.

He expects tougher trading conditions and predicted negative vehicle sales growth in the year ahead. But he expects continued growth from car hire, financial services and parts or workshop departments, as well as a boost in second-hand car sales after the increase in new vehicle prices.

Car Jacking on the Rise in Holiday Destinations

A recent report on safety for travellers details the most dangerous cruise destinations for passengers but what should be of far greater concern to tourists is the rise in the number of carjackings, either to steal from the person or to steal the car. 
car jacking at lights
Crimes like this against tourists are becoming common
It’s acknowledged that tourists are at a great disadvantage when visiting unfamiliar countries but many of them are complacent about the risks. One aspect of a trip abroad where tourists have an over-confident view of their security is in car hire.
There would seem to be no reason not to feel safe enclosed in a car, especially when driving carefully but the statistics say otherwise. Depending on which figures you believe, there are up to 50,000 car jackings a year in the US, 38,000 in South Africa, several hundred in the UK and in Kenya, it’s the most common violent crime.
Many drivers are fooled by simple tricks like a bump from behind at a junction, someone lying in the road or flagging a car down next to a vehicle with its bonnet up. At its most blatant, gangs will open your door or smash your window whilst you’re stopped at junctions or traffic lights.
Resisting has in some cases been met with deadly consequences and law enforcement agencies offer sound advice to avoid becoming one of the statistics.
In many countries where carjacking is a problem, hire car companies do all they can to disguise the fact the car is hired to tourists as this marks out easy targets to gangs.
Advice includes:
Avoid driving at night, especially if you’re unsure of your location
Keep your car doors locked at all times
Remain vigilant, especially at junctions and traffic lights
Never stop for anyone who seems to be in trouble. Instead, call the emergency services
Make sure you avoid areas of countries and cities which have reputations for crime.
Don’t leave valuables visible in the car and, where possible, leave them securely locked away at your accommodation.

– See more at: http://www.rhinocarhire.com/Car-Hire-News/April-2014/Car-Jackings-Rise-in-Holiday-Destinations-0311.aspx#sthash.x7L7Y0pI.dpuf

Warning over car hire excess charges

Warning over car hire excess charges
Ask the experts: Gill Charlton, our consumer correspondent, wins a refund for a reader who felt bullied into taking out unnescessary car hire insurance
Car hire insurance scare tactics are becoming more common: make sure you read the small print

Nicholas Heath writes
We reserved a Group AA car in Madeira through the broker Holiday Autos. The 14-day rental cost £135. We also purchased its vehicle excess/deposit-reimbursement protection for an extra £81.06.
There was a long queue at Goldcar’s rental desk at Funchal Airport. It moved slowly and it became clear that some customers were arguing with the clerks over their rentals. Our clerk, Monica, said we had been allotted a Fiat Panda but tried to persuade us to take a larger car for an extra €40 (£33). We refused. She took payment for the compulsory tank of petrol, which cost €92 (£75).
Monica told us we also needed to purchase insurance to reduce the excess to zero. We said we did not need Goldcar’s insurance as we had bought an excess policy through Holiday Autos.
She said Goldcar wouldn’t accept this insurance as it was for third-party cover only. She said that if we didn’t buy Goldcar’s own insurance for €150 (£125) we would have to pay a deposit of €1,200 (£1,003), wait until there were no customers at the desk so she could inspect the car, and return it two hours earlier than usual so it could be checked over at the end of the rental.

If we had an accident the deposit would be returned only if we had a police report to say it was not our fault. And if the car was stolen or written off we would have to pay the cost of a replacement.

We told Monica that she was using scare tactics. She denied this. We said she could pre-authorise our credit card for €1,200 – the usual practice – but she tried to take full payment from it. The card was declined. It appeared that trying to take this second amount led to the card being stopped for a security check.

Monica said we could not have the car unless we paid the deposit in cash or phoned our credit-card provider. We had no option but to pay the £125 for Goldcar’s own excess insurance.

On our return I complained to Holiday Autos about the bullying tactics of its Madeira agent and asked for a refund of the Allianz policy. This has been refused. The company says that I should not have signed up for the Goldcar policy.

Gill Charlton, consumer expert replies

Scare tactics like these are becoming more commonplace among European car rental outlets as they struggle to make a profit from their franchises. Your Allianz top-up insurance provided all the extra cover you needed. However, because these insurances are designed to reimburse you after you have had to pay for damage, the car rental company does need the security of a credit-card deposit. Some companies only pre-authorise, i.e. ring-fence, the amount in your account, but others debit the excess and refund it on the car’s safe return.

Holiday Autos would like to apologise for the behaviour of the Goldcar agent in Madeira and, as a gesture of goodwill, is refunding not only the excess policy you purchased from the company but also the entire cost of your rental. The company says it meets each of its suppliers regularly to review problems brought up by customers and will be taking up your experience with the Madeira office of Goldcar. If customers have a problem with bullying tactics at foreign rental desks they should phone Holiday Autos’ customer services on 0044 20 3318 7336.
Ask the experts

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