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Novtel DB Remote Client (DBRC)Ver Released on (2010/09/13) Full Download

Novtel DB Remote Client  Ver

Download Link http://www.novtel.com/public/NovtelHospitalityOnlineBookings/Novtel%20DB%20Updater%20Ver%

Reason For Development
This is a new Novtel product that was created  to update and create bookings,rooms between Novtel Hospitality and Novtel Online Bookings(NOB)
This gives the Novtel Hospitality user a choice of ; Online Bookings that integrates with Novtel Hospitality . It is being design to hide in the system tray and update your  two databases every  30 seconds.

Added Features

1.) Sending new and updated Bookings from Novtel Hospitality to NOB and vice versa . When Dragging a booking on Hospitality or submitting a booking on NOB the DBRC updates the bookings between the two programs automatically .

2.) Sending new or updated  rooms from Novtel Hospitality to NOB . When adding or Updating Rooms  in Novtel Hospitality the DBRC reads it and sends it to NOB.

3.) Added a save connection. When the connection is valid you can save the connection to a Text-file.

4.) Added a load connection button. To load the saved connection.

Minor Issues

1.) When clicking File > Hide the program does not transfer data.

Novtel Online Bookings System can be found on this link below

http://novtelonline.com .

or the second version


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