Vehicle Hire Software Release 2014/07/17


Vehicle Hire Software – Issue Resolved and new features:

Vehicle Hire

Customer Report with Postal and Delivery Addresses
An option to print a list of Customers with their postal and delivery address have been added to Reports=> Customer => List All. In the dropdown list the “Show All With Postal And Delivery Addresses”.

Non-Revenue status Print Check list
The option to “Print Check List” have been added to a booking with a Non-Revenue status.

Non-Revenue status Record Damages
The option to record damages on a vehicle have been added to a booking with a Non-Revenue status.

Relations Management Software Release 2014/07/02


Relations Management Software – Issues resolved and new features:

Relation Management

Issue regarding sending emails in Windows XP and older versions of Office.
• The issue that occurred when trying to send an email in older versions of windows like XP have been resolved.
Customer’s names issue when switching datasets.
• When switching datasets it occurred that the incorrect customers name was added when using a template. This issue have been resolved

Equipment Hire Software release 2014/06/27


Equipment Hire Software – Issues resolved and new features:

Equipment Hire

Specific Customers:

Hi Way Bande
Issues resolved and new features:


NovPasSDK.dll added.
The NovPasSDK.dll has been altered to handle the changes made to the Pastel database structures. The latest version of the NovPasSDK.dll is included in this version of Novtel.


Add a “Cancel Button” to the General tab in order to cancel provisional and confirmed Contracts.
The following are required in order to cancel:
Provisional Contract
All Items must first be removed from the contract
Confirmed Contract
Deposit must be refunded and all Items must be removed from the contract

Contract Search:

Fix an error occurring when searching for a specific contract with all contracts selected. This error occurred only on databases with more than 32700 contracts at a specific branch.

Rental Day Limits:

Change to incorporate non-serial to also make use of rental day limit discount if activated at Setup > Rental Day Limits
Add the option to select the rental day limit on the General tab if the specific contract needs to calculate values on a fixed rental day limit.

Contract Discount:

Change not to lose focus while entering the discount percentage.

Removing Items:

Change not to allow removing item with rain/off-hire days activated on the Item to be removed.

Modify > Import/Update Inventory Items

Made some changes to verify against the item table in order not to update or create Items in the rates table. This is managed when creating or modifying an item.

Close of Shift

Fix an error related to Supplier on account invoices creating a receipt entry in Pastel. Closing a user shift by the user and by the supervisor did not function in the same manner.

Relations Management Software Release 2014/06/18


Relations Management Software – Issues resolved and new features:

Relation Management

Sending SMS check is done.
• When sending a SMS a check will be done to ensure that the available SMS balance is more that the amount of recipients and will not all allow the sending if the amount of SMS’s is enough.
Flag Customers or Suppliers
• A new feature have been added to flag customers with a priority of high, medium, or low by right clicking the item and pointing to the preferred priority.
• Options to search for the items based on their priority have been added to the advanced search feature.
• An advanced search can also be done for flagged items flagged by a specific user.
• If an item is flagged the it can be un-flagged by also right clicking the item and selecting the Un Flagg option.
Set status all
• An option to set the status of all the items in the list of customers have been added.
• By right clicking an item and selecting Set Status All will open a form to select the statuses to be used for all the items in the list of Customers.
Importing locations
• When the database is updated and the locations have not be added an option whether to load the location items right now or later have been added.
• Instruction to load them later will also be displayed.
Check SMS balance
• The SMS balance can now be checked for an account without saving the account information first.
Issue regarding flagged customer.
• The issue that occurred when a customers was flagged and an advanced search is done for a flagged user and a specific flagged priority have been resolved.
Novtel Relations User Manual
• An option to open the Relations user manual have been add to the Help option menu.
NovPasSDK.dll version
• The NovPasSDK.dll was altered and is included in this upgrade.

Service Business Software 2014/06/18


Service Business Software – Issues resolved and new features:

Property Management

Novtel Service Business Rental Management Changes
• Added support for NovPasSDK
• Upgraded Novtel Remote Support Application to Teamviewer 9,
and added Novtel Remote Meeting Application
• Added shortcuts to the Help menu that opens the Novtel Remote Support
and Meeting applications