Hygiene Service Management:

Add an area selection option

Add a branch selection option

Added an option to re-sequence sites in an area

Add an ‘Area/Route’ report in route sequence and summarized per site.

Add a ‘Site Maintenance’  report displaying all items due for service on a specific site.

Re-organize display of service due and on service item by site or by item code

Hygiene Schedule:

Made changes to allow changing the hygiene schedule on the current day (last increment date). This will allow for re-scheduling items due for service later in the week to the current day.

Site details (Delivery address):

Change the site number to be auto generated.

Change to create a default site when adding a new Customer.

Add GPS coordinates

Add a sequence number to allow for route scheduling

Add Customers:

Added a ‘Search number’. This can be used in the customer search function in addition to searching by code or description. This can be any identifying number or text in order to assist in identifying a customer in the search function.


Add Contract:

Added a synchronization function when placing Hygiene items on hire. After placing the first Hygiene item on hire the schedule and first service date will carry over to the next item with the synchronize checkbox automatically checked. Schedule and service date can still be changed if nessesary.


Fee Structure:

Added the functionality to charge a first service fee

Fee structure can be setup to charge per hire day and/or per service done

Different price structures can be setup on sub-category level or customer category level.

Hire Days:

Hire days can be customized to charge on Sundays and/or Public holidays. This can be done on a global or item level



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